Rankweil Railway & Bus Station

Rankweil Railway & Bus Station

Vorarlberg, Austria


Austrian Federal Railways


2006 - 2018


The new Rankweil train station
Rankweil station has been upgraded to an efficient, multimodal traffic interface with a high-performance track system, newly built reception building, and signal control center on an area of 500m². The customer-friendly connection to trains, buses, pedestrian and cycling paths, and motorized private transport was a top priority. Another focus was to improve the quality of station square, providing a public space and urban element that promotes activity and interaction.

The architecture at Rankweil station
The aim was to create formal and material uniformity for the different, but interconnecting components and uses, such as the station reception building, the bus terminal, and the covered Bike and Ride facility. The exposed concrete, which was used for all building components, creates a clear homogeneity and symbolizes the dynamics of mobility in flowing volumes, while simultaneously setting a new urbanistic symbol for Rankweil.

Construction Period: 2006-2017, Technical Facilities Building: 2014-2016
Station Building Area: 230m², Switching Station Building: 216m²
Length of Covered Entry Area and Bus Stop Area: 262m + 206m
Length of Platform (building side): 220m, length of Covered Area: 98m
Length of enclosure along Landammann Street (building side platform): 12m
Length of Platform Island: 220m, length of Covered Area: 99m
Length of enclosure along Landammann Street (Platform Island): 12m
Length of Station Square (West): 34m, length of Covered Area: 33m

= Barrier-Free Accessible Station
= New Building-Side Platform
= New Platform Island
= ÖBB Passenger Service Center with Waiting Areas, Washrooms, and Commercial Rental Space
= Covered Bus Terminal
= Covered Park & Ride and Bike & Ride Facilities

Three new platforms, each 220m in length, were raised to an elevation of 55cm over rail surface in order to provide step-free access into the trains. An urban underground passageway provides pedestrians with barrier-free access to the platforms above. Bike & ride facilities are located on both sides of the tracks.

ESTW (technical building):
Provides electrical, telecommunications, switching and radio facilities, as well as work rooms.

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